Toxirat Brody bait on cereal support.

zitna_vaba_ratimorEfficient rodenticide against mice and rats contaning an active toxiratprodusesubstance with a wide range of action and being the result of a mixture of different grains very tempting for rodents.

Benefits – High efficiency because of the late action. – Containere Bitrex – a very bitter substance ,that prevents accidental consumption by men or animale.

-Bromadiolone a cutting edge active substance that has a large spectrum of action.

Description The bait is on grain support impregnate with Bromadiolone which ,as for it’s structure ,attracts mice and rats. It is highly efficient and easy to use. The perfect starts immediately as the bait was ingerred but the death ocurs after a few days , with no pain removing this way the suspicion that other rodents might have of bait.

Instructions for use

The bait will Be kept în a closed room that is not used for storage of food, water or animale feed. To Be kept în it’s original pack at room temperatura away from light and humidity. The personal near bait wil Be demandingly warned not to touch the toxic material. After plasing this product wash rigurouslywith water and soap. The product is toxic when în contact with skin or by swallowing being irritating for the eyes. Wear protection equipement.

Disposal of waste

Unconsumed bait and rodent corpse must Be cleaner and burried as they are toxic for animale. The packs must Be burned. Do not throw în the sewerage. The antidote used for this product is vitamine K1.

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