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Agrosem Zahiu is a romanian raticide and mollusccide  company of high quality destined to protect against pests of any kind. The range of products Agrosem Zahiu produces under Toxirat trademark has as a holder Agrochem multinațional business concern  that with  an experience of 25 years în this field offers a high quality standard and includes raticides and insecticides destined for human and animal prophylaxis.

Our products are destined to fight against pests with the Most proper and long lasting  effects :  common pests from warehouses, shops,  comercial spaces. Mice and rats not only  provoque damages but are carriers of diseases dangerous for humans  also affecting the home’s hygiene or other spaces . The raticides are an efficient and secure  solution for peste. The substances are bait for mice and rats as the one în your home the black rât the water or sewer rât as for other types of mice and rats.

Agrosem Zahiu offers different types of raticide. We have raticides and insecticides în many forms  of presentation ,  as în small packages for veterinary pharmacy.chemical shops as well as în parte packages for pest control companie.

Romania / Buzau




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Address : Romania ,Buzãu, Sos. Spatarului, km. 1, jud. Buzau
Phone : 004 0786 769 888
E-mail : vanzari@agrosemzahiu.ro